Join us for our 2024-25 season!  All concerts will be on Saturday afternoons. Tickets will be available after September.
Past concerts

Home For The Holidays

December 2, 2023

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In The Spotlight

March 2, 2024

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Springtime with the Symphony

May 4, 2024

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Testimonials from Patrons
Congratulations LJYO on a terrific concert! What a wonderful selection of pieces with arrangements that allowed all sections to shine. Terrific work by all involved, both on and off the stage. I’ve heard that the main goal of music is to create an emotional reaction in the listener and this certainly happened to me today.
Merry Christmas!
Beth Jenish
I wanted to congratulate you for the beautiful concert on Sunday! It was fun, beautiful and professional.

All my boys are so fortunate and happy to be a part of your wonderful orchestra.

Thank you!

Jackie Arsenault

What a beautiful concert yesterday! Your students are very talented Laurie and your conducting is amazing and how you work such magic with them. Congratulations on a successful performance!

We really enjoyed it.

Carol Kobes-Veenstra

What a fantastic concert! Thank you for all your hard work in preparing the kids. It was truly a well-prepared performance that put me in the Christmas spirit. Genevieve also enjoyed it quite a bit from the balcony. She seems to be quite a musical baby and reminds me of Jacob when he was little, wobbles at any music and claps joyfully to rhythm. I can’t wait to see her play an instrument in the future. Anyway, it was so moving to be back in person at Port Hope United church and to enjoy its stunning acoustics! I have watched the livestream video as well and although it’s nothing like being there in person, the sound is remarkably good too! I really can’t wait until the next concert.