We are joining the Port Hope Arts Festival, being celebrated virtually and around town this August. La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra is proud to be part of the Arts community in Port Hope.

La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra re-opened its doors for our 22nd season last September. The decision to relaunch the orchestra was rewarded by the success of our season, proving our determination and dedication to keeping our musicians focused and nurtured. Each term respectively culminated with a professional video, a livestream concert and a virtual orchestra video despite the lockdown and other challenges caused by Covid. We held in-person rehearsals and zoom rehearsals for our musicians as well as educational workshops and fun activities while following and exceeding Covid protocols.  

LJYO remains committed to music education for young musicians in the community. We will be running zoom auditions and interviews for our 23rd season in early September for Brass, Winds, Percussion and Strings. We invite youth ages 10 to 22 to join us in either our new chamber ensemble, especially for beginning musicians, or the main orchestra.  Please email the orchestra manager manager@ljyo.ca for more information.

Come take a seat in the orchestra this September.

Virginia Dakers, PRESIDENT

Sonic Bloom was intended to be an outdoor concert, so picture yourself in the park in front of the bandshell in Port Hope.  We would like to thank you for joining us for our Sonic Bloom video, and we hope you will join us for many more La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra concerts in the future, whether live or virtual.  From the comfort of your home or backyard, please applaud our sponsors, families, coaches, and volunteers, and especially our video editor and producer Luc Arsenault, because without their support this concert would not have been possible.

La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra during the year of the pandemic was different than before, but this amazing organization pulled together to make music, have fun, and continue the development of our members.  We hope to see you soon!

Laurie Mitchell, Music Director

Kevin Chocorlan, Assistant Music Director